Suji Wire-Free High Support Bra 素肌无痕云感内衣

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S 32/70-75ABC
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L 36/75-85ABCD
XL 38/80-90ABCD
XXL 40-42/90-95ABCD

1.Comfort and soft, Silky, thin and elastic fabric, Super soft and zero feeling, feel like wearing nothing at all.

2.Body-hugging fit & Wide straps, Smooth and soft bra is formfitting for women with small breasts or wide chest, provide adequate coverage and support.

3.Wireless Comfortable Bra.
Comfortable & flexible bra for all day wear!
It can be a sports bra, Yoga bra, workout bra, dancing bra, sleep bra, and everyday bra, suitable for all-weather and all-season wear, 24 hours free feeling.

4.V-neck Sexy Bra
The V-neck design on the front of the bra makes the breasts more attractive and gathers together. Built-in paddings give you the moderate support. Sexy and fashionable design style can make you beautiful and confident.

5.Fashion Bra
This comfortable bra is designed with detachable drop-shaped breathable water-drop shaped padding, prevents bra bulges, caresses your figure to adjust to your curves.Make you be an eye catching winner in all occasions.

6.It has high elasticity, it is so elastic that fit not only small women but also large bust women and girls with no tightness.

7.Soft Comfortable Bra,No hardware, no wires, all comfort. Zero suppress the chest without elastic underwire bands. A silky, thin and elastic fabric, a smooth bra will stretch to keep you comfortable.


Green, Blue, Pink


S, M, L, XL, XXL


1 Pc, 2 Pcs

Suji Wire-Free High Support Bra 素肌无痕云感内衣

RM70.00 RM196.00( / )