Duo Set MLEN Soft Magnetic Eyelash 双套软磁睫毛

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  • Brown Natural Barbie
  • Japanese Natural
  • Taiwanese Camellia
  • Hepburn's Eyeliner
  • Celebrity Style
  • Honey Camellia Flower
  • Refreshing Fairy
  • Honey Sweetheart
  • Brown Fairy
  • Greek Goddess
  • Little Barbie
  • Queen's Power
  • Barbie Goddess
  • Barbie Goddess Brown
  • Japanese Natural Comic
  • Natural Clarity
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Brand Name: 

Product parameters:

  • Product name: mlen replacement soft magnetic eyelashes single box
  • Brand: MLEN DIARY
  • Name: Soft magnetic eyelashes single box
  • made in China
  • Beauty tool classification: false eyelashes
  • Color classification: Japanese natural comics , super natural clarity , taiwanese camellia , Japanese supernatural , supernatural starlight , natural Barbie brown , honey camellia , Hepburn eyeliner, popular star, celebrity , refreshing fairy, brown fairy , little Barbie , honey sweetheart , queen's power , greek goddess , barbie goddess brown .
  • Suitable for skin type: any skin type
  • Beauty tool classification: facial beauty cosmetics
  • Efficacy: other /other
  • Beauty tool varieties: other /other
  • Specification type: normal specification
  • Shelf life: 3 years


Brown Natural Barbie, Japanese Natural, Taiwanese Camellia, Hepburn's Eyeliner, Celebrity Style, Honey Camellia Flower, Refreshing Fairy, Honey Sweetheart, Brown Fairy, Greek Goddess, Little Barbie, Queen's Power, Barbie Goddess, Barbie Goddess Brown, Japanese Natural Comic, Natural Clarity

Duo Set MLEN Soft Magnetic Eyelash 双套软磁睫毛

RM432.00 RM0.00( / )
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