MLEN DIARY Nail Stickers 米兰日记防水持久美甲贴纸

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Material: Sticker Size:24 Sizes Colour: Multicolour Package includes: Nail Care Set with sealant (24 stickers) Mini Replacement Set (24 stickers) FREE Mini UV Nail Phototherapy Lamp LED
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  • Mini UV Nail Phototherapy Lamp LED
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Product name: mlen diary diy nail sticker
Product specification: 24 stickers/sheet
Packing: independent packing
Product features: easy to operate/affordable/safe and environmentally friendly/available for pregnant women
1. Tear the transparent plastic protective film on the surface of the sticker;
2. Choose the appropriate nail size first, and cut it when necessary;
3. Peel the sticker from the base of protection;
4. Work your nails forward from the middle to the sides.
5. File strips to remove excess stickers along the edges of nails.
1. Clean the nail surface before putting it on;
2. Do not touch the water within 2 hours after the paste;
3. Apply top coat polish after putting sticker on the nail (it is not recommended, while apply carelessly, which may damage the nail sticker ). It is recommended to apply top coat glue ,then use light therapy lamp to dry, which will have better effect.
1. You can put the nail sticker on blank fake nails , DIY fake nails, blank fake nails are available in our store.
2. Fake nails put on nail with jelly stickers , fake nails can be reused . Jelly stickers are available in our store.


MLMT1, MLMT2, MLMT3, MLMT4, MLMT5, MLMT6, MLMT7, MLMT8, MLMT9, MLMT10, MLMT11, MLMT12, MLMT13, MLMT15, MLMT16, MLMT17, MLMT18, MLMT19, MLMT20, MLMT21, MLMT22, MLMT23, MLMT24, MLMT25, MLMT26, MLMT27, Mini UV Nail Phototherapy Lamp LED, UV Gloss Nail

MLEN DIARY Nail Stickers 米兰日记防水持久美甲贴纸

RM85.00 RM0.00( / )
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