A Different Kind of Lashes

About MLEN Magnetic Eyelashes

We sell magnetic eyelashes for women who want to look good. After years of researching and developing the product, MLEN lashes was born. Our goal is to support the ecosystem and women on their beauty, thus our production has come to be loved by many people. To say magnetic lashes were an instant success would be an understatement. Our products are safe and long-lasting, proven by safety requirements, much like other cosmetics. We have gone through extensive internal testing, studies of healthy women products, and have been dubbed "safe to use". MLEN lashes use imported antibacterial artificial mink eyelash. Super light and soft with 0.04mm tip, weighing 0.001oz which only equals 0.028g. Smooth Ultra Thin Soft permanent magnetic force is only 0.15mm thick, it won't fall no matter on windy or rainy days.

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Yes, we are not just your ordinary magnetic eyelashes. You can wear it in a second and let your beauty shine.

Soft magnetic technology of amorphous um high polymer soft magnetic

Only 0.15mm extreme technology. Sectional fixed point magnetization

In high polymer coating, safe without demagnetization

Soft magnetic technology of amorphous um high polymer soft magnetic

Only 0.15mm extreme technology. Sectional fixed point magnetization

Um high polymer coating, safe without demagnetization

Magnetic Eyelashes

Applying fake lashes is no easy feat. Between the messy glue and the dexterity required to find the perfect placement, it feels impossible to do it right. Not to mention the annoyance of trying to peel it off at the end of the night.  In many ways, false eyelashes often are often seen as trouble rather than worth.

How to Apply?

Learning how to use magnetic lashes is an interesting process. While it sounds easy peasy it will probably take quite a few tries to get your lashes to sit where they're supposed to

  • Step 1: Take out one eyelashes and separate it into two pieces.
  • Step 2: Align the soft magnet of the two eyelashes with the magnet of the auxiliary clip.
  • Step 3: Fix the two eyelashes on the upper and lower sides of the auxiliary clip.
  • Step 4: The arc position of the auxiliary clip should be aligned with the eyelash root, and then it can be worn.

    How to Clean MLEN Magnetic Eyelashes?

    • Step 1: Remove the eyelashes in the direction of the eyelashes.
    • Step 2: Take a piece of paper towel that doesn't shed and open two eyelashes.
    • Step 3: Use water or MLEN Eyelash Gel Cleaner on the clean cotton swab.
    • Step 4: Brush the eyelash tip with a small cotton swab (clean).
    • Step 5: Finish cleaning, clean the surface again with a clean cotton swab, and put it in a dry environment for 5-10 minutes to achieve the drying effect.
    • Step 6: When storing, put the magnetic stripe is downward and the eyelashes are upward. Use gravity to keep eyelashes curled.
    • Step 7: Store in dry and clean environment, prolong the service life of Milan soft magnetic.


    Glaciomarine Phaeophyta

    Antarctic ice sea brown algae is selected as the core ingrediet ,powerful repairing power and deep hydrating power ,ice sea brown algae chosen as the core ingredient to repair cell damage inside out ,rejuvenating the skin in 28 days .Deep moisturizing essence reaches the bottom of the skin ,soothing sensitive skin instantly.


    Niacinamide Hyaluronic Acid Diamond Skin Brightening

    By forming a protective layer on the skin surface and wound surface ,repair skin barrier function .Nicotinamide is the core safe and bright white component ,effectively repel pigmentation improve dark and yellow skin .Turn to Asian women to add marigold and raspberry glucoside essence .It can effectively inhibit the activity of l-arginas ,it can reduce the division of melanoblasts ,Rejuvenate the skin .ASTRAGALUSMEMBRANACEUS extract essence ,effective against skin glycosylation and oxidation and aging process ,repair ,whitening ,anti-aging multi effect in one.


    Fullerene Hyaluronic Acid Myogen Anti-Aging serum

    By forming a protective layer on the skin surface and wound surface ,repair of skin barrier function .Hydrolyzed collagen ,nicotinamide ,fillerene complex patent and glassy as the main core components ,precise targeting locks the skin shallow ,medium and deep ,blocking the skin cell aging process ,28 days reversed skin elasticity loss ,significantly improved fine lines ,relaxation ,nutrition loss and other symptoms of primigravida ,lift the tight contour ,effective against gravitational attraction ,equipoise and stabilize skin ,to reproduce the skin's young Lucent and compact state brought about by black technology.


    Luxurious Beauty Cream

    Solving 8 major problems of skin with only bottle dark yellow ,rough ,pockmarked ,pores ,floating powder ,loose ,lackof water ,fine grainself-contained beauty filters easy to create a clear and delicate fresh and plain face.


    MLEN Pro-Xylane Plant Extraction Eye Cream Set

    Pro-Xylane can promote the regeneration of fibroblast growth factor (FGF ,similar to EGF) .IT can be used as a scared product after medical beauty and firming .The effect is much better than general firming components ,open skin cell channels ,and directional repair skin cell aging.